What will we do at my initial appointment?

During our first visit, we will spend 60 minutes together (some people may require more time) discussing your present level of health, your medical history and your personal health goals. Nutritional testing may be ordered at that time. By the end of our appointment, you will have a preliminary program to follow for 2-3 weeks, until we meet again.  During follow-up sessions, your program will be further developed and refined in accordance with test results and your progress.  The number of sessions you will need to attain your goals depends upon the severity and length of your illness, your willingness to follow your program and your response to it.


 To make our time together as productive as possible, please bring the following with you:

  1. Printed and completed Patient History Form
  2. Printed and completed Medical Symptoms Questionnaire
  3. Printed and completed 7 day food diary, with symptoms
  4. Paper copies of any lab tests done in the past 6 months
  5. All nutritional supplements you are currently taking- this is very important- I need to read the labels
  6. All current medications, or a list, including dosages
  7. A list of your health goals
  8. Printed and completed Financial Policy 


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Initial Visit

  • Medical/Nutritional history
  • Nutritional physical exam
  • Discussion of goals
  • Dietary assessment
  • Body composition analysis
  • Individualized program, including diet & nutritional supplements
  • Lab test orders as indicated


Follow-up Visits

  • Assessment of progress/goals
  • Analysis of test results
  • Program modifications as indicated