What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine focuses on assessment and intervention related to the improvement of physiological, cognitive/emotional and physical functioning. The foods we eat contribute to all three factors, making nutrition the cornerstone of your health care. Research in the field of therapeutic nutrition reveals that:

  • Nutrition is an environmental factor that influences gene expression and phenotype in each individual.
  • Nutrients act as important biological response modifiers and control function.

Read more about functional medicine on my philosophy page.


What does a nutrition program entail?

  1. Health History
  2. Your goals
  3. Nutritional assessment
  4. Functional testing

Your program is individually tailored to meet your specific needs and includes: Diet protocol, nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes such as stress reduction.


Do you take insurance?

Please review my Insurance and Payment information here.


Do you do weight loss counseling?

I am not a weight loss dietitian, however optimal body composition (more lean muscle, less body fat) is a direct result of eating foods that are best for you, rich in nutrients to control blood sugar, metabolism, fat burning and muscle growth.


Will you give me a meal plan or ask me to count calories?

Your program will include menus and recipes specific to your condition, focusing on nutrient density and balancing protein, fat, and carbohydrates.


Do you do phone appointments or Zoom calls?

Yes; I will call you at the scheduled time.  After the appointment, I will email and mail the materials from your appointment.  The cost is the same as an in-person appointment – please see Financial Policy.


Can you order bloodwork or other tests before our first appointment?

Without an initial evaluation and assessment, it is not legal for me to order tests or prescribe treatment.


Have you heard of _____ supplement? My friend/sister-in-law/co-worker told me to try it. 

Victoria puts a lot of time into researching the best products for her patients; and reasons behind her choices are complex, including evidence, manufacturing practices, safety, and efficacy.

If there is a product/supplement that you have heard of and would like Victoria’s opinion on it, she will gladly discuss during an appointment.  Any new supplement must be considered within the context of your protocol.  Please read a more detailed explanation here.


My friend/sister-in-law/co-worker is having stomach problems/migraines/low thyroid/etc.  What do you recommend?

Victoria cannot make any recommendations for someone who is not her patient.  It can be ineffective at best and harmful at worst to recommend any intervention without taking a medical history and checking herb/nutrient/drug interactions.  Each program she designs is individualized.


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