Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition for Cancer Prevention, Management, and Recovery.

Only 30% of cancers are genetically determined- 70% are controlled by diet and lifestyle, so that puts you in the driver’s seat.  Let me empower you with effective, evidence-based strategies, inspire you to make changes that will nourish you and guide you as you continue your journey to healing.

How a therapeutic nutrition program can help you recover your health:

therapeutic nutrition program for cancer

With a Therapeutic Nutrition Program you will:

  • Optimize your cancer treatment with cancer fighting foods, nutrients and botanicals to reduce side effects while enhancing the efficacy of your cancer therapies.
  • Use a scientifically-based protocol to create an anti-cancer eco-system inside your body.
  • Learn how lifestyle changes, nourishing foods, and dietary supplements can:
    •  Change the messages sent to your genes with specific foods known to reduce the expression of cancer genes while increasing tumor suppressor gene expression.
    • Enhance your immune system’s capabilities
    • Reduce inflammation, a primary factor contributing to tumor growth and invasiveness
    • Reduce risks of angiogenesis/metastasis, the growth of new blood vessels feeding a tumor
    • Focus on insulin resistance, often an underlying factor shown in the scientific literature to contribute significantly to treatment outcome, prognosis and survival
    • Use key nutrients cancer cells use to mature into healthy cells (called differentiation) or to naturally commit “cell suicide” (called apoptosis)
    • Improve hormone metabolism with appropriate diet and lifestyle strategies (Some cancers use hormones to promote duplication and spread of cancer cells)
  • Use patient-specific laboratory testing to:
    • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your diet
    • Tailor your program according to your body’s own unique biochemistry
    • Choose dietary supplements from pharmaceutical-quality companies that provide safe, effective nutrients/botanicals without the toxicities often found in better-known brands
    • Monitor your nutritional progress with follow-up testing
    • Help you prioritize your nutritional goals so you know what to do in which order


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Each person I see receives an individualized nutritional assessment which includes:

  • Blood testing for specific nutrients, biomarkers, and genomic testing when appropriate
  • Dietary evaluation
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Dietary/Lifestyle Evaluation

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Additional Resources:

  • Antioxidants Against Cancer by Ralph Moss
  • Outliving Cancer by Robert Nagourney
  • Life Over Cancer by Dr. Keith Block
  • After Cancer Care by G. Lemole, MD, P. Mehta, MD, and D. McKee, MD