While whole, healthy food is the basis of all therapeutic nutrition programs, nutritional supplements and botanicals are often critically important in supporting biochemical and metabolic pathways that have a down-stream effect on the health conditions for which most people seek help. Not all supplements are created equally.  Many companies focus more on labels and ads over quality. I have done extensive research and recommend supplement companies offering:

  1. Pure, high-quality ingredients that are free of contaminants, binders, and fillers, and are researched for safety and effectiveness
  2. Premium, clinically-reliable ingredients, evidence-based dosing
  3. Companies that are ethically-based despite lack of government regulations; and assay every lot of raw materials to be sure label claims are met.
  4. Highest quality manufacturing – exceeds FDA mandated GMP (good manufacturing process) standards.

Some of the companies I recommend are:

  • Thorne
  • Natura Health Products
  • Xymogen
  • Metagenics
  • Herbalist-Alchemist